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Kerry, 40 – Self- Worth & Eating Disorder

So kind, caring, down to earth to name a few. The understanding of Katie is out of this world. She listens, takes things in and works alongside you to gain what it is you primarily require and more. She helped myself with past traumas that I was still hanging onto, which after 1 session I felt a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Now onto my daughter who had developed a eating disorder, and the clinic we were sent to just was not cutting it. So we arranged for her to be seen by Katie and all I can say is THANK YOU!!! A totally different child afterwards, what I would struggle to get her to do or eat before had disappeared and my girl was back. We have moments. But what teenage daughter doesn’t cause her mum some issues. Highly recommend 5 Stars!

The Wonder of Nature

Spring has long been my favourite time of year. To me, it represents a time for renewal, rejuvenation, and rebirth. It’s a great time to

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Phillip, 37- Drug dependency

RTT has literally changed my life since I was recommended to Katie. Having had dependency issues regarding substance abuse since childhood, I have tried everything

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