My Approach to Therapy

Welcome to Dr Katie Therapy…it’s wonderful to have you here! Our aim is to help you find your own path back towards wellness, purpose, and growth. We want to guide you on the process of optimising the one life we all have, to truly manifest your purpose. We believe that every individual, irrespective of circumstance, has a right to live a rich and fulfilled life; we understand that everyone is unique, whole and has inherent worth and value.

Dr Katie Therapy takes a holistic, integrative and trauma informed approach to therapy and coaching that is suitable for both adults and children. Our belief is that all therapy should be solution-oriented, time efficient and draw upon the individual’s own resources to facilitate permanent change and implement healing.

Therapy modalities have been carefully curated to offer the most value to clients, drawing upon the latest evidence-based practice, cutting-edge neuroscience and an understanding of the unconscious mind and nervous system.

By dealing with the root cause of an issue, we provide our clients with fast, effective, and lasting change without the need to spend lengthy periods in therapy. Clients are enabled to embody the change they desire – at the deepest level – as opposed to merely addressing surface level symptoms.

At Dr Katie Therapy our philosophy is that everyone can heal, and no individual is ever ‘broken’ or in need of ‘fixing’. All that is really required is a safe space to realign with one’s authentic self.

We understand that all individuals come into existence whole, complete and possessing intrinsic worth and security. Infants are born expecting unconditional love, nurturance and care and have innate resilience. Young children will persevere with a new skill, such as walking and talking, until they master it. They believe that love, connection, care, the acquisition of skills, joy and fun are fully available to them.

Unfortunately, life circumstances can block our connection to our authentic, truest self; causing us to become out of alignment to who it is we really are. Recovery and healing are about remembering who we are – knowing that we are enough exactly as we are – and understanding that we can connect to ourselves and others and are ultimately free to trust that our goals in life are fully available to us.

Everyone deserves to live an enriched, vibrant, and meaningful life that is free from emotional, physical & psychological pain – come and nurture yourself, you deserve it!

Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul, be just another human soul

How I can help

Rapid Transformational
Therapy (RTT)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a holistic, integrative and trauma informed approach that channels the science of neuroplasticity, to create fast, effective, lasting change.

Sand Play Therapy

Sandplay is a form of creative psychotherapy, based on Jungian Psychology. Its key premise is that all individuals possess the inner resources to bring about healing, inner peace, and wholeness, in addition to positive change regarding how we relate to the outside world.

Wellness & Coaching

We believe that meditation and mindfulness should be a daily practice – on every school curriculum and workplace agenda – so that individuals of all ages can thrive from its benefits.

Dr Katie

BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE, DEdPsy, CPsychol, C.Hyp, RTT

Katie is a Chartered Doctor of Psychology with a background spanning over 20 years in the domain of professional psychology, education, and wellness.

After completing her degree in psychology, she became a clinical research assistant and postgraduate tutor at Cardiff University’s School of Psychology.

In this role, she conducted empirical research trials, in addition to writing a paper on the ‘Temperamental Differences among Infants and Methods of Assessment’. This was critical as a catalyst for Katie’s subsequent interest in the physical and psychological impact of the stress response.

Following the completion of her masters in psychology, she took on the position of Seminar Leader and Lecturer in Organisational Psychology and Statistics at Cardiff University’s Business School.

Katie studied for her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and worked as a primary school teacher for two years, prior to completing her Doctorate in Educational Psychology.


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