Sand Play Therapy

Sandplay is a form of creative psychotherapy, based on Jungian Psychology. Its key premise is that all individuals possess the inner resources to bring about healing, inner peace, and wholeness, in addition to positive change regarding how we relate to the outside world.

It is an extremely powerful yet gentle tool, which works at both the conscious and unconscious level of processing and is beneficial for both adults and children.

Sandplay therapy is an evidence-based practice shown to improve cognitive function, as well as supporting emotional integration, through the process of neuroplasticity.

During a session, clients are offered the opportunity to create an image, story, picture, or sculpture in a sand tray, utilising a variety of small objects. Alternatively, individuals can choose to just sculpt in the sand, using water, or simply by working with the dry sand alone.

Throughout this process, the therapist provides a safe, free, and protected space for clients to work with the sand and to express whatever they wish, although there is no pressure or requirement to talk.

The therapist will typically take a photograph of each tray and may review the photographs with the client upon completion of the process – no interpretation or analysis takes place during sessions.

Sandplay therapy can be used to support individuals with a vast range of issues; please contact us for more information regarding this highly effective and profound therapeutic approach.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens


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