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Mother of 11 year old- Needle Phobia

Our daughter developed a needle phobia after a bad reaction to a vaccination a few years ago. The phobia had started to intrude upon her life so much so that she passed out at school when her class were discussing haemophilia. We got in contact with Katie and she came to our house to have an initial session with our daughter and then recorded a short audio clip for her to listen to for 21 days after. Even after the initial session it was clear to us that there was a huge improvement in the way our daughter thought about needles. She could talk about needles without feeling panicked and even said that she thought she could have future injections without passing out since she had her session with Katie. This was put to the test recently when she had to have an injection in her mouth during a visit to the dentist. She was calm and dealt with it in a way we could never have imagined before she met Katie. It has given her so much confidence and I am optimistic that she has overcome what was a debiliatating phobia with what she has learnt. We would not hesitate in recommending Katie. She is professional, so caring and really put our daughter at complete ease.

The Wonder of Nature

Spring has long been my favourite time of year. To me, it represents a time for renewal, rejuvenation, and rebirth. It’s a great time to

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Phillip, 37- Drug dependency

RTT has literally changed my life since I was recommended to Katie. Having had dependency issues regarding substance abuse since childhood, I have tried everything

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